Oil lamps

Decorative flasks


Lamp oil

Glass jewel

Decorative glass

The glass studio Fire&glass arised in 1987, when it started with the production of the glass for laboratory and technical apparatures. In 1993, it changed its orientation on the production of the decorative glass. In the production programme of the studio you will find the oil lamps, candles and glass miniatures, jewels, lampoils and decorative glass. All products are hand-made in the flame of the gas-jet. We work with the borosilicate glass SIMAX of the the high quality comparable with the marks like PYREX or DURAN. The glass miniatures are produced from the Czech glass of the mark UNIHOST or German glass AR. The products are individually packed (besides decorative flasks) in the boxes from three layered brown cardboard. The lampoil is packed in the plastic bottles of the volume 300, 500 and 1000 and 5000 ml.