The lamp oil

The lamp oil is a mixture of paraffin hydrocarbons together with a natural aroma and pigment. It is suitable for all types of the oil and kerosene lamps. It burns without an odour and smut. On contrary, it burns with a fine aroma. The volume 0.5 litre can burn approximately 70 hours. The oil is not toxic, but must be stored outside of children reach. The storage in the dark lace from -10° C until +40° C.

Forest - dark green
Eukalyptus - hell green
Rose - red
Carnatlon - tyrkys
Lavender - blue
Lemon - yellow
Ambra - violet
Lilac - violet
Jasmine - green
Violet - violet
Cinnaman - orange
Vanille - yellow
Opium - brown
Orange - orange
Strawberry - red

In next offer you will find the spare wicks:
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The individual wick 100 cm No. 58
For easy pouring of the oil the plastic funnel No.59